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“Tech Without Losing Your Soul” examines tech’s influence across geographies, the ethical dilemmas facing tech workers today, burnout and loneliness, and the possibilities for balancing our relationship to technology. The goal is to examine, process, and challenge unsustainable and exclusionary ideas about innovation and restore old/explore new concepts to help us find our way in a world of algorithms, bots, and oligarchies.

You can expect a range of writing and interviews exploring timely tech industry analysis and lived experiences, delivered directly to your email. Recent essays have examined tech’s power struggles with AI, tech worker burnout, and an interview with Claire Stapleton, co-organizer of the historic 2018 Google walkout, where over 20,000 Google employees worldwide walked out in protest of sexual harassment, misconduct, discrimination, and lack of transparency.

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I’m Lauren Celenza, (she/they, SE-LEN-ZA).

I’m a software designer, writer, and advocate for equity and care in technology and its industry. My design work and essays have appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, NBC News, PBS News Hour, and In These Times. In 2022, I petitioned for the Silenced No More Act in Washington state, prohibiting employers from silencing workers on issues of discrimination, retaliation, and wage violations.

As a designer, I’ve led projects at Code for America, Google Maps, and The World Resources Institute, on new technology for free tax filing, inclusive maps and navigation, and land restoration. I teach design at Harbour.Space University in Barcelona and support scholarships for emerging designers worldwide. Views, of course, are my own.

I’m also a moderator/interview journalist for UNFINISHED, a festival in Bucharest celebrating art, design, and democracy. At this festival, I’ve interviewed a range of people: from New York Times Modern Love editor Daniel Jones on love-hate in the digital age, visual artist and designer Dario Calmese on reimagining design, and award-winning Brazilian photographer-historian João Paulo Barbosa, on tech’s influence on the coldest regions of the world.

The finite nature of life and the infinite information around us makes our attention a remarkably powerful and rare thing, and I’m grateful that you’d consider giving this newsletter yours.

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Lauren is a writer and software designer in Seattle. Her essays and commentaries on tech, design, and equity have appeared in Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, In These Times, and others.